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Farmers markets for Sandilands. There are lots on this site now. It is really worth a browse. Currently it is quite slow finding the markets so wait a few seconds for the list of markets to appear.

Local Food and Drink


1a Victoria Rd, Mablethorpe LN12 2AF, UK – 01507 477373

While on holiday the family were looking for a pizza to take back to caravan. Came across this place. Staff were so helpful, resturant was beautiful inside and smelt great. The pizza's were amazing!

Lovely Italian cafe & restaurant. Staff are friendly and polite. Great drinks and cakes. Would recommend to all.


Seacroft Rd, Mablethorpe LN12 2DU, UK – 01507 472213

Lovely clean shop. More convenient now that it has the post office inside too. Has a lot of items in there including an electrical department which is handy if you need items such as tvs, kettles, microwaves etc... For your caravan. As expected for a seaside town it is slightly overpriced. Things (such as a packet of giant buttons chocolates for kids) that in a city you could get for £1 they were £1.99 for example.

Can always count on Coop to provide quality produce and this store is no exception to that. Staff are pleasant and seem to really appreciate the custom. No queues today however during busy periods queues can be small compared to other supermarkets.

Heron Foods

100 High St, Mablethorpe LN12 1AT, UK – 0845 603 7300

Cheap and very cheerful. Good prices and a good range for the size of the shop.

Great place to buy some surprising bargains, lots of offers on usually a certain amount for a £1. There is a freezer section, fridge section as well as being able to buy bread, sweets, crisps, drinks etc.staff are normally very helpful if you need anything and there isn't normally too much of a wait at the tills

BigBarn has a totally brilliant map for Lincolnshire showing all the local food producers. So if you want to know where your food comes from look no further!
The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established 26 years ago when the Smith family returned from India, where for two generations we had been involved with tea. The website contains information about all the different teas and coffees supplied together with regular updates on new additions to the range.
Coffee, tea, chocolates and pretty china and good gift ideas.
Wine and other drinks from Tesco online